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Laughing Gas for Life: Lyons Creek Dental Care’s Commitment to Patient Comfort

At Lyons Creek Dental Care, we believe that dental visits should be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. That’s why we’re excited to share a special offer that has been a part of our practice for years but deserves a spotlight – Free Laughing Gas for Life!

The Legacy of Comfort

Dr. Bob, our lead doctor in the past, set a standard of care that truly stood out. He recognized the importance of providing a relaxed and anxiety-free experience for our patients. To achieve this, he offered laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, at no additional cost. This mild anxiety reducer and pain reliever became a staple for many of our patients, creating an atmosphere of ease during their dental treatments. And it’s an immediately reversible substance, which makes it safe for outpatient care. Patients don’t require an escort or an advocate when they use it.

Continuing the Tradition

In 2018, when I took the lead, I was determined to continue this exceptional service. I believe that access to laughing gas should be considered a basic dental procedure for comfort, not an optional luxury. To make it even more accessible, we’ve introduced a special offer that ensures Free Laughing Gas for Life for our patients.

How It Works

Most dental practices in our region are charging anywhere between $90-125 per visit for nitrous oxide. But here’s the deal: when you make a one-time purchase of the reusable laughing gas nasal mask for just $75, you secure a lifetime of free laughing gas during your dental visits. No more worrying about additional charges or unexpected fees. Store the nasal mask conveniently in your car, and it’ll be ready for you whenever you return for your appointments.

Transparent and Reliable

Unlike some practices that may change equipment and leave patients in the lurch, we’re committed to transparency. You won’t experience a switcheroo with our laughing gas setup. Your reusable nasal mask will remain effective, providing you with peace of mind and comfort during your dental treatments.

Spread the Word!

We realized that we hadn’t shared this ongoing benefit with you, our valued patients, and we didn’t want to keep it a secret any longer. Help us spread the word about Free Laughing Gas for Life at Lyons Creek Dental Care. If you’re ready to experience added relief during your next visit, give us a call at 206-362-5400 or click us at

Your comfort is our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you with a smile – and a laugh – at Lyons Creek Dental Care!