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Live Your Healthiest Look Your Best

Oral health is critical for your whole health and impacts the way you look and feel. But too often we delay the dental care we need. At Lyons Creek Dental, we focus on holistic health so you can live your healthiest and look your best.


Living Healthy & Looking Great

If you hide your smile, grimace when you eat, experience oral pain, or suffer from facial disfiguration, our team wants to help. The Mayo Clinic describes oral health as, “A window to your overall health.” From pneumonia to diabetes, your oral health makes a difference. Dental procedures also impact how you look (visually and structurally). We want every patient to live their healthiest and look their best.

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Have You Waited Long Enough?

Procrastinating good dental care because of time or finances leads to increased costs and extended recovery time. We work with clients to help them get the treatment they need now. Don’t put off a healthier future another day…get the treatment you deserve. Our promise to you is a gentle, personalized experience in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. We have financial options to help you get the care and smile you deserve!

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation - DOCS
American Dental Association - ADA
American Dental Implant Association
American Academy of Facial Esthetics

The Lyons Creek Dental Difference
We Promise to Provide…

  • Comprehensive Care & Expertise
  • A Listening Team
  • Education So Patients Can Understand
  • Decreased Anxiety & Increased Calm
  • A Holistic Approach with Flexibility
  • Respect for Your Concerns/Convictions
  • Passion for Community Health
  • Solutions & Answers for Sleep Disorders
  • In-House Care for 99% of Your Needs
  • A Team & Space that Feels Right
  • Dental Implants Done Right
  • Sedation and Anxiety Care

You Have A Choice

Many clinics today are focused on efficiency and speed. We believe in taking the time necessary to effectively treat our patients. Our approach focuses on the best care that fits you. Sometimes speed prevents recognizing the greater problems at play (treating only the symptoms). We try to get to the root cause. Our team wants to hear your story, understand your needs, and provide more than a “drill and fill” approach.

You Deserve Holistic Dental Care

We only hire team members who have technical skills and people skills. You deserve to be heard and should leave every appointment understanding your treatment plan. Every patient ought to hear their options, outcomes, and actual costs. No one should be caught off guard or surprised. Your care team should make decisions with you, not for you. If your needs are beyond our team abilities, you can be assured our network of collaborative providers will treat you with the greatest of care.