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Implants and Oral Surgery


Oral surgery services

Since 1998, Dr. Rafoth has applied his post-doctorate training to treating patients who need oral surgery.  Wisdom tooth removal, periodontal surgery, implants, bone grafting, and pre-prosthetic (denture or bridge) surgery are handled in-house.

Implant services

Missing teeth and loose dentures make too many people sit on the sidelines and let life pass them by.  However, today’s modern treatment plans can replace everything from a single missing tooth to a completely missing arch.

Implants are the standard of care for tooth replacement, and we have been proud to offer our patients that service since 2000.

Ceramic Implants

Ceramic dental implants are a reliable alternative to titanium or metal alloy implants.

For more information about implants, view our preferred implant education guide or the website for the American Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons and American Academy of Periodontology.

A Great Option For Oral Surgery:
Platelet-rich Fibrin

In recent years, advances have been made in tissue grafts for patients considering tooth replacement with dental implants, or maintaining teeth with periodontal surgery. A patient-derived graft, known as platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), has many benefits over traditional graft procedures.

PRF is a bioactive, host-derived source of graft.

The building blocks of PRF speed healing, and the presence of certain healing proteins hold tissue in place after surgery. PRF reduces inflammatory response after surgery, aids in the prevention of bleeding after surgery. It contains structural proteins, immune cells, and stem cells to promote tissue growth.

The cost is relatively cheaper than some other grafting options.

Learn more about Bone Grafting.

Dr Rafoth has been providing oral surgery services and PRF grafting for 20 years.

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