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Orthodontics Is Orthopedics too!

Tuesday, January 28th
A patient came by today and asked, "what is up with how my posture is affected by wearing braces?" It sparked my choice to pass along some of the things Dr. Bob and I follow on a daily basis, but we don't often get time to share with all of you. Orthodontics and posture are always linked. There is a cause and effect relationship we have to respect. . A couple of points I want to reiterate: 1) any change in your bite and active orthodontic therapy with Invisalign will create changes in your posture, but they are usually minor… [ Read More ]

Sedation Dentistry

Thursday, November 21st
Sedation dentistry has made a positive impact on so many of our fearful dental patients. Back in 2008, I became a certified member and mentor of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), because I wanted to possess a safe and effective method for eliminating anxiety for our patients so they could access the dental care they wanted and needed. Transportation to and from a visit when under the influence of sedatives requires the patient commit to specific guidelines to ensure their experience is safe. With the advent of ride-share services like Uber, Lyft, and others, we think it's important… [ Read More ]

A Breakthrough Product For The Win-Win-Win!

Wednesday, July 31st
Holistic care is what we provide over here at Lyons Creek. And that means being mindful about our treatment approach in any case as it affects the whole of the patient, both from a physiologic as well as an economic perspective. That's why Dr Chris and Dr Bob have been using a treatment for cavities that includes silver diamine fluoride (SDF). It's a topical treatment that kills cavity-causing bacteria and remineralizes damaged tooth structure. SDF has countless applications, for patients of all ages, for patients with medical compromises, behavioral challenges, and for patients who are budget-conscious. SDF is a great… [ Read More ]

Ozone Treatment: Is it Effective?

Thursday, May 23rd
In efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics and  synthetic antiseptics, ozone has been used by clinicians as an effective treatment for disinfection of a tooth cavity, an extraction socket,  and soft tissue incisions. I found in my experience over the years that lasers have done extremely well to disinfect and prevent post-operative or secondary infections.  They also reduce the secondary formation of cystic or scar-like lesions in surgical sites. I also use lasers to remove or debride lesions when patients are interested in removing the "cavitation" type issues they are concerned about. Diode, Co2, and crystal-supported lasers all seem… [ Read More ]

The Bioclear Method

Monday, May 20th
I attended a learning session last month for a new technique called the Bioclear Method that benefits every dental patient. I'd heard the excitement building about this for a few years, but I am always resolute in waiting for evidence-based success to surface in this industry; technology has been moving so fast in dentistry over the past 10 years, that it's not surprising for us dentists to get convinced about something we may see or hear in the trades, and it doesn't stand the test of time, or the technology changes too quickly. Sometimes these new things become obsolete in… [ Read More ]

Facial Pain: A Common Thread

Monday, April 8th
Dr Bob and I have been practicing integrative care for our entire careers. One of the things that has been fascinating for us dentists (and frustrating for patients) is how common muscle and fascial pain is when diagnosing a dental problem. It can be confounding to both us and the patients when we could swear a tooth is the source of consistent pain, and then we take the time to identify that a muscle or bite imbalance is truly at the heart of it all. A struggle we use to have is: how do we rule out muscle pain in… [ Read More ]


Monday, March 11th
Here are a few tips we recommend to change your sleep lifestyle and improve your sleep performance. 1) Be consistent about using your CPAP and/or your oral appliance for best results. 2) Watch when and what you eat before bed.a.  Eating within 2 hours of sleep time disrupts your body’s ability to prepare for a beneficial sleep cycle.b.  Many of us love to have something to eat before bed, and the stuff that makes us feel satisfied are comfort-type foods–rich and higher in fats. These types of foods alter body chemistry and disrupt sleep too. Low-fat, protein-rich foods are best.… [ Read More ]

The Daylight Savings Conundrum

Monday, March 11th
Happy Daylight Savings Time! Or should we say, Happy Sleep Deprivation Time? It's a salient point to discuss, because this antiquated tradition of moving our clocks to reduce our energy consumption is responsible for significant impacts on our quality of sleep. The human race requires sleep to function and maintain physical health. Our ability to sleep is directly connected to the transition between day and night. Our circadian rhythm is crucial to how we stay healthy. We know that when we disrupt our sleep, it can put us into a short-term tailspin. We fail to get into a cycle that… [ Read More ]

Responsible And S.M.A.R.T. Amalgam Filling Removal

Friday, February 8th
It makes logical sense to handle heavy metals with care for countless reasons. Lyons Creek Dental Care has been practicing a specific protocol for removing metal fillings for over 30 years, called S.M.A.R.T.--Smart Metal Amalgam Removal Technique. We thought it would be useful to offer our patients the following checklist illustrating the protections we take when patients ask for amalgam filling removal. This protocol was designed by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), of which Dr Chris and Dr Bob are active members. Check out more IAOMT information at https://www.IAOMT.org. Patient Protection Slurry of charcoal, chlorella, or… [ Read More ]

Thinking Naturally About Lichen Planus

Tuesday, February 5th
When I became a dentist in 1998, my grandmother Betty relayed a quick story to me about what her dentist used to recommend for her “patchy, white sores.” She said it worked like a charm whenever they resurfaced over her lifetime. Well, I was a young buck who had a lot on his mind at the time, and I propmtly forgot about her story for a few years until she came from Florida to visit and get her teeth cleaned. “Gram, those white patches are back on your gums and cheeks,” I noted. “Are they sore today?” “Not for long.… [ Read More ]