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Seattle’s SMASH: Bringing Dentistry To Our Artists

Wednesday, March 15th
I've been fortunate over the past 3 years to be a part of SMASH: Seattle Musicians Access To Sustainable Healthcare. I'm going to let the segment that was recently aired speak for itself. [ Read More ]


Wednesday, October 26th
COVID-19 infections are no joke. They are insidious at times, and also catastrophic. The partnership of biotechnology and clinical care has been really beneficial in a "counterstrike" against the ravages of the disease. The rapid and robust sharing of information and research has given us crucial knowledge and strategies to combat acute problems, as well as the Long COVID challenges. Oral health sits squarely within the short- and long-term processes of COVID-19.  Here at our clinic, we're still upholding sound prevention and infection control standards. We are also aware that anyone who has been affected by the disease may have… [ Read More ]

The Terrain Theory

Friday, September 16th
Let's take a blog moment to recognize an important, yet complex area of healthcare: Terrain Theory. (Excerpt from Rhondalyn Smith Brustoski, ND*, Doctorate of Naturopathy, Nature Cure Health and Wellness, LLC) "Functional medicine practitioners are no stranger to the terrain theory over the germ theory. Biological dentists, like most alternative health experts, advocate for the terrain theory. Gum disease and tooth decay are not infectious diseases. They are caused by the environment inside the mouth that makes a person susceptible to cavities and gum deterioration, and this is often linked to toxicity. Many biological dentists believe that bacteria don’t directly… [ Read More ]

More Medical Evidence Supports Replacing Amalgam Fillings

Wednesday, July 20th
We've posted about the health benefits of eliminating amalgam fillings in the past. And more evidence and understanding is still being generated with more studies to support that treatment. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), in conjunction with California researchers and leaders, have issued a press release and associated research that show an excessive amount of mercury exposure is occurring with patients who have metal fillings. We are proud to be members of the IAOMT. And we would be happy to discuss how to safely remove dental amalgams from your life. Call us today at 206.362.5400! [ Read More ]

An Update On Benefits, Efficacy, And Risks Of Oil Pulling

Tuesday, March 15th
I've been following Dr Michael Greger for a while now. He does a great job investigating natural or food-based therapies and supplements for wellness and health. Recently, he posted an update on oil pulling. There is an evidence-based benefit to daily oil pulling to alleviate sensitive teeth. It did about as well when compared with manufactured desensitizing products. And there is an ancillary benefit to keeping the skin of the mouth more comfortable when patients are suffering from a dry mouth condition. Apart from that, there isn't any benefit of oil pulling. Not for controlling gum disease, whitening teeth, or… [ Read More ]

COVID Guidelines To Continue for Our Healthcare Facility

Monday, March 14th
Greetings, everyone! Hope your daylight saving went well this past week. Here's to a bright new season around the corner. Speaking of bright new seasons, the COVID season has changed as well. And hopefully for the better. With the termination of state mandates for indoor masking, it's important to clarify what our guidelines will be for the foreseeable future. As a healthcare facility, we are maintaining our protocols and precautions as we did before the end of the mandates. This means our team will continue to use room air filtration, disinfect the facility regularly, and continue to wear masks during clinic hours. We… [ Read More ]

Tips For Prosoimnus Sleep Appliance Installation and Use

Wednesday, August 4th
We have been proud to provide Prosomnus oral sleep appliances for years. The innovations Prosomnus are making have been really successful time after time. So we thought that we would place a how-to video here by an amazing friend and colleague, Dr Mark Murphy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwdARLvnrnY [ Read More ]

Update On Mercury Filling Risks

Friday, July 30th
The FDA has recognized mercury amalgam fillings as hazardous for certain patient groups since 2020 (our opinion is that it shouldn't be limited; it is hazardous for all patient groups). The FDA is still open for comments regarding their advisory on mercury fillings. Click Here for details of the story from our partners at IAOMT, the organization that includes Dr. Rafoth as a member in good standing. [ Read More ]

Welcome Lauren!

Thursday, May 13th
Well, we’ve got good news, and we’ve got more good news. Erin has been accepted to dental hygiene school at the Pima Institute. And we’re happy to welcome Lauren as her successor! We’re really lucky to have Lauren here. Some things to know about Loren: she subsists “almost completely on tostadas,” enjoys making “mediocre” music; she is a huge plant lover, with her favorite species being alocasia bambino. She grew up in the Fresno area. And since moving up to Seattle, she’s been a certified dental assistant for three years. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with her! [ Read More ]

Don’t Always Treat Tooth Grinding With A Nightguard

Wednesday, February 17th
It really is a great thing to see another perspective on a more evidence-based approach to treating tooth grinding. Here's a recent NYT article about it: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/16/well/live/tooth-grinding-night-guards.html?smid=em-share Postural and orthopedic issues, sleep hygiene challenges, and diet are huge factors that promote grinding. Some patients have a lack of space for their tongue because their teeth or jaws are too crowded or small to allow the oral airway to accomodate a tongue; the tongue then falls into the airway and breathing stops. No breathing promotes tooth grinding.  There's simply nothing that can be done for an anatomic or orthodontic deficiency other than… [ Read More ]