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Holes In Teeth – Not Just From Cavities

Thursday, December 13th
Holes In Teeth - Not Just From Cavities Dr Chris from Lyons Creek here again. Proudly, Dr. Bob and I are great tooth carpenters--repairing a broken shingle or two, sometimes building a better roof on a tooth, uprighting a sagging tooth, maybe cleaning the dirt and debris off the foundation for all those little houses on the block we call teeth. But the other part of my job is to be a detective; a forensic, "CSI"-dentist. And when our patients introduce their dental health to me, I find more than just a cavity or a gum infection. I often find… [ Read More ]

Today’s Bone Grafting

Wednesday, December 5th
Today's Bone Grafting Losing teeth stinks--for a lot of reasons. You lose the ability to chew with confidence. You might have some compromises when you smile. And going through the process of surgery to remove hopeless teeth is not fun either. But if it happens to you, just know you have me around to employ some modern procedures to get you back to where you want to be chewing and smiling. When you lose teeth, you immediately lose the surrounding bone that supported them. And that bone continues to atrophy over time if there are no teeth in place. The… [ Read More ]