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Our Team

Chris Rafoth, DDS

40 years in the Puget Sound tells you how much I love this part of the world. I discovered  this is the best place to raise my family, continue a world-class education in dentistry, and pursue my favorite sports and hobbies.  I have decades of experience as a cyclist, mountain biker, mountaineer, and skier. I began my adventures in kayaking and sailing in recent years.  And my history in music has included performing, recording, and songwriting since 1990. I received my Bachelor of Science in marine biology from the University of Puget Sound, and went on to Creighton University to receive my Doctorate in Dental Science before returning to establish my practice in 1999.

Bob Feasel, DDS

I have been blessed with a wonderful career, 45 years and counting, and am not ready to just drift off into a life of fly fishing, skiing, hiking, biking, snorkeling, reading, and having my wife write a daily to do list. So I have limited my practice to treatments that are a bit easier on my body but still engage my mind, that seems remarkably still intact despite the number of times I have crashed into trees pursuing my passion for sports.

Throughout my entire career I have pursued the practice of dentistry as tooth mechanic and a integrative health practitioner. I realized early on the importance of recognizing the complex relationships of physiology and neurology of the oral complex and maintaining your systemic health. The recent research findings have totally confirmed my feelings about this vital connection. I have spent countless hours taking courses in sleep medicine, TMJ/TMD, Chirodontics, blending chiropractic care and Occlusion, Implantology, Periodontal Therapies, restorative treatments involved in mercury removal and many other courses. As a side note, I am not sure how many people/patients realize how much time we all spend, post graduation, doing continuing education. The dental community in this area is remarkable in its pursuit of more knowledge. I am looking forward to becoming even more competent in the treatments related to Sleep Medicine and TMJ/TMD management so I can provide the best service possible.

I have also been blessed with a wonderful family that includes five kids and two grandkids and I hope for more of the latter. I love my grandpa time that includes all the benefits of seeing the world again through the eyes of a child, on a part time basis.

The basics are required, so the bio includes being born in the family home in Lake Forest Park (1948), graduating from Lake Forest Park Elementary (1960), Morgan Junior High (1961), Shorecrest High School (1966), University of Washington in Chemistry (1970), and finally the University of Washington Dental School (1974). I traveled to many places around the world, but I love the Pacific Northwest, the people of the area, and all the opportunities this area has provided.