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Dental Sleep Medicine


Dr. Rafoth has been involved in the practice of Sleep Medicine as related to their practice of dentistry since 2006. The creation of dental appliances to treat sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing is a relatively new field. Dr. Chris has been involved in diagnosing and working with local ENT specialists and orthodontists since 2001 and began active appliance fabrication and delivery in 2005. Dr. Bob began his diagnostic and treatment services around the same time, taking many continuing education courses to stay abreast of the latest developments and treatment options. Since the onset of Dental Sleep Medicine as a new field, many improvements have been made in diagnostics and treatment. Screening devices such as high resolution pulse oximeters have improved and provide a reliable way to determine if further studies are needed. In addition, the first at home type 3 sleep analysis devices have been incorporated into the practices of many Sleep specialists and a few dental offices. The inpatient polysomnogram has been the gold standard. While this is still the gold standard of analysis, the at home use of pulse oximetry and type 3 sleep devices has become the standard screening tool. There are many advantages to this type of test, the best being that you can do this at home and do multiple nights of testing. This has allowed many more people to be tested along with a definite cost benefit. Working with these diagnostic devices and in conjunction with local ENT sleep specialists allows us to provide the best service possible for our patients.

  • For sleep breathing disorders
  • For patients who cannot tolerate CPAP
  • For patients who want a convenient, portable, and effective tool to improve their overall health
  • We have treated patients with this disorder for over 12 years. We lead the screening, diagnosis, treatment, and any needed specialty referrals to help you live your healthiest life.