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General Dental Care


Digital X-Rays

We use digital x-ray sensors instead of traditional photographic film. This is an improvement for our patients because we bypass chemical processing and have the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images for a more accurate diagnosis. Less radiation is used to produce an image compared to conventional x-rays.

CariVu Decay and Crack Detection

CariVu is a revolutionary tool to diagnose decay and tooth fractures without radiation or x-rays. Using LED light technology, CariVu now gives most patients an option when we need imaging to support our diagnosis.

The Wand Anesthesia System

Our patients consistently comment about how simple and comfortable our anesthesia delivery is. The Wand is a microprocessor-controlled device that decreases any sensation of “getting the shot” and dramatically reduces post-operative discomfort normally associated with the traditional syringe.

Drill-Free Fillings

We offer laser cavity removal as well as drill-free air abrasion technology. Lasers essentially vaporize a cavity lesion as well as disinfect the area. Air abrasion uses a stream of air and sand to gently scour away a cavity.

  1. Fissure caries seen on mandibular and molar.
  2. Tip of air abrasion device placed.
  3. Removal caries with minimal cavity preparation.
  4. Cavity restored with preventive