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Did you know that the intensity of nighttime jaw clenching can lead to persistent migraine pain and chronic headaches? That’s the principle behind the newest and perhaps only preventive weapon in the war against migraine and tension headaches.   I have worked with Dr. Jim Boyd, the developer of the NTI-tss system, to treat patients who suffer from debilitating migraine and jaw pain.  I have also discovered the NTI system is proven to prevent tooth damage caused by clenching and grinding. NTI-tss is as surprisingly simple as it is effective: 82% of migraine and headache sufferers who use the device experience an average 77% reduction of migraine pain attacks within two months. The device is easily fit at the dentist’s office, involves no surgery, and has no risk of side effects compared to pharmaceutical migraine treatments.

Visit Dr. Boyd’s preeminent website for the treatment of bruxism, headache, and TMJ therapy.