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A Breakthrough Product For The Win-Win-Win!

Holistic care is what we provide over here at Lyons Creek. And that means being mindful about our treatment approach in any case as it affects the whole of the patient, both from a physiologic as well as an economic perspective.

That’s why Dr Chris and Dr Bob have been using a treatment for cavities that includes silver diamine fluoride (SDF). It’s a topical treatment that kills cavity-causing bacteria and remineralizes damaged tooth structure. SDF has countless applications, for patients of all ages, for patients with medical compromises, behavioral challenges, and for patients who are budget-conscious.

SDF is a great tool that can result in a “triple win” for the patient. It can reduce cost, because it can allow for treating cavities at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional options. And it can make care more accessible to fearful patients who can’t tolerate a drill or require general anesthesia. And most importantly, it improves the dental health of a patient instantly, and reduces the long-term challenges of serial interventions that are common in patients with a high risk for tooth decay. The New York Times published an article that illustrates some examples of the win-win win.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Food and Drug Administration, and the Center for Evidence Based Policy have all released supporting statements about the benefits of SDF. A copy of the CEBP position that answers many common questions can be found here.

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