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Is Flossing Even Effective?

Tuesday, August 2nd
This used to be a debate that swirled around bathroom sinks and dental offices for decades. But in a recent article published on AP’s site The Big Story (1), a look to the past has apparently started pushing the debate toward a resolution of sorts. Because you, dear reader, are always looking to us for sound wisdom and advice, I’d be honored to oblige. As the article mentions, floss has limited benefits.  It’s hard to hold, tough to manipulate, and can’t always eliminate every bit of food and sludge on and between teeth and gums. Even when performed perfectly, it’s really difficult… [ Read More ]

The Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

Friday, September 5th
Have you ever wondered if those hi-tech electronic toothbrushes in commercials are really any better than your regular toothbrush? Or is it all just hype? It’s a good question, with a pretty simple answer. For starters, The American Journal of Dentistry and the British Dental Journal support the use of electric toothbrushes. Also, our resident expert, Dr. Rafoth says, "E-brushes are always better. They are more efficient and more effective at removing debris, stain, and biofilm." And the evidence is there to support the claim. Electric toothbrushes simply cannot be beat when it comes to efficiency. It would take hours to manually scrub your… [ Read More ]

For The Cleanest Mouth Use Mouthwash In Addition To Brushing And Flossing

Thursday, June 5th
Mouthwash is a great disinfectant tool when used with brushing and flossing. Swishing out your mouth with some mouthwash kills residual bacteria (biofilm) and washes out tiny food and drink particles, while leaving your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. Choosing the right mouthwash can be daunting. Alcohol-free is very important. Alcohol can cause dry mouth, which adds to bad breath & can cause sensitivity to the roots of teeth. Natural ingredients are best. In my experience, natural ingredients are really effective. One that’s really effective is Dental Herb Company's Tooth and Gums Tonic, available through dentists and online. When added to my… [ Read More ]

Which Dental Floss Is Best?

Thursday, May 22nd
The goal of all good dental health is to remove the debris as well as the BIOFILM (the dental plaque formed by bacteria). The worst stuff is Glide. It smears bacteria around. ULTRA FLOSS from Oral-B is the best, because it’s woven, picks up everything, and it can be stretched thin to fit into tight contacts. [ Read More ]

Introducing DentaPure, The Highest Quality Water Line Treatment

Monday, March 3rd
Dr. Rafoth has been promoting environmentally conscious innovations in infection control since 1999.  Some of these included capturing amalgam before it entered the sewer system, and eliminating latex from all infection control barriers, equipment, and personal protective devices. Now we are introducing DentaPure, a dental unit waterline purification system. Using NASA technology, the DentaPure system eliminates the need for bleach tablets. DentaPure is an environmentally safe way to reduce biofilm and decontaminate water used at your dental visits. http://www.dentalproductsreport.com/dental/article/nasa-technology-treats-patient-use-water [ Read More ]