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Don’t Always Treat Tooth Grinding With A Nightguard

It really is a great thing to see another perspective on a more evidence-based approach to treating tooth grinding. Here’s a recent NYT article about it:

Postural and orthopedic issues, sleep hygiene challenges, and diet are huge factors that promote grinding.

Some patients have a lack of space for their tongue because their teeth or jaws are too crowded or small to allow the oral airway to accomodate a tongue; the tongue then falls into the airway and breathing stops. No breathing promotes tooth grinding.  There’s simply nothing that can be done for an anatomic or orthodontic deficiency other than to either 1) correct the alignment, and/or 2) create an appliance that prevents the tooth wear due to the deficiencies.

I agree with the article, with 1 exception: We have a plethora of evidence that strongly associates gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD) with sleep apnea or breathing restrictions during sleep.

What we do in every patient consultation when considering tooth grinding solutions is review their anatomy, allergy and sensitivities, airway, acid reflux, and all we eat (the “A Test”).

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