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I’ve Got Nothing But Love For You And Your Health

Dr RafothIt doesn’t take a degree in rocket science or dentistry to know that people don’t want to come to the dental office for treatment. I can support that with conversations that I have every day with my patients. “I know you’re going to lecture me,” say a few. “Ready for my lashing,” says another. “I know what you’re going to tell me,” say the remainder. Some patients get right to it. “No offense, doc. This is the last place I want to be.”

I get it. No one wants to be here. Yet they show up. I have some of those aforementioned patients pay us a visit 4 or more times a year! Why is that the case? Well, let’s examine it. I figured an open letter to all patients was due to be written. So here you go.

I love all of you. But I don’t care if you floss or brush. That’s right. You heard me. I don’t have any personal feelings about your choice to not floss. That one’s all yours. You know you should take care of your own mouth. You know what I really care about? Dropping knowledge. Handing you the facts. And along the way, deliver some expertise about a new way to take care of yourself. You seek me out for advice and support. And I sincerely appreciate when you do.

I love being your dentist, because I enjoy educating you about how your dental health impacts your overall physical health. I think sometimes the facts are hard to hear. I have to tell you that you have gum disease. You have several teeth with cavities. But that’s what I seek out and want to deliver. Facts. I also want to hand you the keys to your better dental health. So let’s get past the conversation of “I hate coming to see you,” because it’s not about that. You came to see me because you want my recommendations! I love that you took the time to care about what you want for yourself.

I think it is a big deal for people to make a significant change in how they care for themselves. And it’s tough to hear about the bad news. It’s a personal (and sometimes embarrassing and anxious) journey that has challenges. But I am excited and flattered to be a part of the changes you want in order to be healthier.

I also enjoy making you as comfortable as I can before I have to make some repairs to your teeth, improve your smile, or manage your infections. But I hate to give shots. I hate drilling. I might be good at it, but I’ll always hate it. But that’s why I spend time and energy learning how to sedate my fearful patients, and how to deliver painless dentistry. It feels good to me.

Chris Rafoth is the owner of Lyons Creek Dental Care, providing medical dentistry, dental implants, and facial esthetics since 1998 for Shoreline and greater Seattle areas, as well as communities in King and Snohomish counties. Any questions or comments? Contact him at today!