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Let’s Fact Check Clear Aligners

There’s lots of choices in the marketplace for straightening your teeth–Smile Direct, Uniform Teeth, Byte, etc. There’s surely more to come. They certainly have cheaper pricing than the reliable guidance from your dentist or orthodontist.

Personally, I love the clear aligner method for orthodontics. It has some clear advantages over traditional bracket-and-wire techniques. Your daily hygiene routines are easier to follow; flossing and brushing are just as easy as always, and your smile stays food-free. Abrasions of the lips and cheeks are not as common with clear aligner treatment–no need for smushing balls of wax on teeth to guard against canker sores. And the treatment is not as conspicuous to friends, family, and colleagues. And it goes without saying that your “Zoom Smile” is much more natural while you go through the treatment.


Healthcare isn’t getting cheaper as time goes by. So working to find a less expensive solution is understandable. But getting started with the right provider is HUGE. There’s some truths you should know before you make your choice of an independent aligner company. 

1) With every aligner provider in the market space comes a real commitment from patients to consistently follow the process. It is a synchronized plan that generally requires no stopping and starting. If you doubt your ability to stay on track, then traditional orthodontics is likely better for you.

2) Today’s aligner options rely on amazing digital technology and machine learning . But even the best AI algorithm doesn’t account for or troubleshoot your risk. Professional humans do. After providing orthodontics for almost 15 years in my practice, I realized there are more issues to take into account for everyone who wants to straighten things out. 

3) Patients tell me that “mailing it in” saves them time. And I agree– time is money. But we have advanced our use of Clear Correct and Invisalign aligners in our practice. So we can minimize the trips to our office during your care. We have the ability to provide virtual care, avoiding many in-person evaluations. Just like the direct-to-consumer options. The real difference? I am able to evaluate your risk and progress continually in the virtual space and in real time.


4) We have several options for aligner care, and that means different price points too. It’s not 1 price fits all.

You can come in for a free consultation to see if we’re the right choice for your clear aligners. And if you start before March 31th, 2021, we’re offering you a 10% discount on aligner care. Call us today at 206.362.5400.