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Mini Dental Implants – Affordable And Immediate Results

Mini dental implants are gaining visibility. I have been placing these implants as a cost-effective alternative to conventional implants for YEARS. I can do same-day implant+tooth restoration for single or multiple teeth at a fraction of the cost. They also successfully stabilize loose dentures.

One of our patients, Marge, approached our office because she could not keep her loose lower denture in place when she talked or ate. She was constantly suffering from sore spots where her denture would rub when it floated and shifted. Not having lower teeth for many years, Marge had suffered bone atrophy. This resulted in a lack of supporting bone in her lower jaw to provide enough stability for her denture.

We discussed how mini dental implants can be placed in atrophic bone and still provide her with anchor points to attach a denture to improve her ability to chew and speak.

Marge elected to have mini dental implants and a denture that snap-locked together. She has had so much success, that she sometimes forgets her denture is there due to how well the denture stays in place.