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Minimizing Your Risk for Coronavirus and Other Pathogens

Talking with many patients and family over the past several weeks, I get the sense that there is more interest in COVID-19 coronavirus than other outbreaks in the past. It will create a miserable respiratory infection for many people. It’s a hard thing to deal with the existential idea that this viral pathogen may be more dangerous than any other. It seems reasonable to understand how we give this outbreak more concern, given the scope and sensitivity social media and news outlets place on the virus.

The good news is that we reduce your exposure to coronavirus and any other illnesses in a very effective way. At our clinic, we are constantly using personal protective equipment, such as gloves, masks, jackets, and scrubs. We are continually disinfecting and sterilizing our supplies and instruments and work surfaces. This reduces the transmission of disease to any of our patients. We are handwashing before and after each patient interaction. We have a 60% or greater alcohol-based hand sanitizer as well as facial tissues available throughout the lobby and treatment areas for your use.

We also routinely assess our patients’ risks for infectious disease. We ask for health history updates every visit. We monitor vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen saturation. We screen patients over the phone for illness. If we suspect our patients pose a risk to the well-being of our dental “family,” we will reschedule the visit and/or refer them to a doctor for evaluation.

To your health!

If you have a question about your visit, or how we reduce your risk for infection, give us a call at 206.362.5400.