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Orthodontics Is Orthopedics too!

A patient came by today and asked, “what is up with how my posture is affected by wearing braces?” It sparked my choice to pass along some of the things Dr. Bob and I follow on a daily basis, but we don’t often get time to share with all of you.

Orthodontics and posture are always linked. There is a cause and effect relationship we have to respect. . A couple of points I want to reiterate: 1) any change in your bite and active orthodontic therapy with Invisalign will create changes in your posture, but they are usually minor changes that the body can adapt to without any symptoms. 2) When we respect the free spaces of the palate, floor of the mouth, and the airway, and maintain/avoid anterior-posterior changes in jaw position and focus on tooth position, the long-term spinal changes are minimized.

Although very few patients have to undergo resulting chiropractic care after orthodontics, it does benefit the minority of patients that suffer challenges

A couple of articles to support that idea are below.

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