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Peroxide for the mouth: Yes or No?

Our patient Nancy sent me a question today.

I use a 50/50 rinse daily of H202 with water.  Do you have any thoughts after reading this article that it may hurt gum tissue?  My checkups though are always good.  No gum bleeding etc.

Peroxide has been a go-to for feeling a cleaner mouth for decades. It really doesn’t penetrate well into gum tissue wounds that are deeper than your floss can go. So it doesn’t disrupt the fragile tissue cells that are forming in the deeper wounds. It’s biggest benefit is cleansing the surface debris and bacteria on your gums.

Even a water pik used with peroxide and water doesn’t create much harm when you are cleaning your mouth.

One thing I would think about is how a chronic and constant use of peroxide could disrupt the beneficial oral flora or even strip the fragile skin on the cheeks and tongue.. Some patients have sensitive mouths, and a disruption of the protective bacteria may amplify oral sores or sensitive skin in the mouth. Not a general expectation, but if it does happen, it’s time to switch up your rinse.

My personal experience is that a non-peroxide antiseptic like Gums and Tooth Tonic or other plant-based mouth rinse is much more beneficial.

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