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Protect Yourself Even Better Against COVID-19

The scientific community last week published on the need to amplify risk management of COVID19 for everyone. And it’s uncertain when those findings are going to be advised to the public.

Today’s summary of the research in my conference call with the Fang Foundation is this: Wear a mask everywhere you go. It is now proven to help.

Recent studies have shown a major point of interest: Over 30% of all cases of COVID19 are asymptomatic–which means there is a massive increase in rate of exposure prior to what we perceived.

Your mask can be made of anything. It is reducing your risk. Although the N95 is the recommended design, any cloth or fabric should be considered.

Here’s a link to a mask pattern and assembly protocol.

We’re already making good efforts as a community, and the pandemic is going to conclude its dangerous level of activity at some point. Adding a mask will just help while we’re in the situation!

I’ve shared this with a lot of people, but pass it along.