Monday - Thursday 8am - 5:30pm

Returning to Work

We are so excited to return to work at Lyons Creek and keep you at your healthiest! You are the reason we love what we do. It’s time to continue our relationship with you, and at this moment, we are doing it in a way that raises your level of safety in our practice while reducing the risk of acquiring infectious disease for all of us.

Governor Inslee and the experts in Washington State have set a great example for how our community reduces our chances of getting sick when we want to pursue our healthcare needs. We have built upon that foundation with a number of improvements you can expect to see at Lyons Creek Dental Care:

  • Prior to your appointment we will send a COVID-19 screening wellness check to complete before your appointment. We will reschedule your visit if you don’t meet our safety screening standards.
  • We ask that you bring your own mask to wear until we have you seated in the chair.
  • Please use the restroom prior to coming to our office to help us cut down on high touch areas.
  • Sanitize your hands as you come into our office.
  • Your car is now your curbside waiting room. Call or text the office at (206)-362-5400 when you arrive. We’ll invite you in when it’s time for your appointment.
  • Our team will help you maintain proper social distancing in our rooms and hallways throughout your visit.
  • We will take your temperature during your stay.
  • We have installed an office-wide hospital-grade air filter system that will constantly scrub all room air. Our heating and air conditioning system is also outfitted with N95-level filtration.
  • We have added high-volume evacuation equipment in every treatment room to control aerosols that are created during your visit.
  • Our team has upgraded their personal protective equipment (PPE). You will see us wearing face shields, goggles, masks, gowns, coats, gloves, and hats.
  • We will be introducing antiviral mouthrinses before your care.
  • There will be an added cost at each visit of $18 for the protections we’re adding for you. The American Dental Association and the Department of Health have informed third-party payors and insurance companies that these are unique and billable expenses, we will be billing your insurance for these services but it’s not guaranteed to be covered by your plan.
  • We will follow a strict standard of disinfection for all rented/borrowed patient testing equipment.
  • For your safety, please leave family members at home when at all possible.  Only 1 patient will be allowed in a treatment room at any given time. Some exceptions are allowed, such as care providers assisting patients and parents needing to discuss their family’s plan for care.
  • We will introduce a digital kiosk for you to update your information, medical history, and sign and receive documents for your care. You will also have the opportunity to complete many forms and documents prior to your arrival.
  • For your safety, we are asking for credit or debit card payments. In some cases we will be sending out a secured link through text to make your payment prior to your appointment.

When Lyons Creek reopens for business, we will continue to execute to the state’s Department of Health evolving recommendations. In addition, we will be using a phased approach to welcome you back. This means that in the first phase, we will have a smaller team providing your care, fewer workdays, and more limited treatment times, as we invite our lowest-risk patients back for care first. Urgent and emergent care are available for all patients as we return. As time goes on, we will measure our community’s progress in flattening our risk, and carefully offer care to our higher-risk patients, while we increase our staffing, hours, and days of operation.

We will keep an ever-present sense of humor, laughter, and humility as we work hard to manage your safety and ours going forward. We really appreciate your patience and understanding with our improved approach to doing business with you. Thank you!