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The Daylight Savings Conundrum

Happy Daylight Savings Time! Or should we say, Happy Sleep Deprivation Time? It’s a salient point to discuss, because this antiquated tradition of moving our clocks to reduce our energy consumption is responsible for significant impacts on our quality of sleep.

The human race requires sleep to function and maintain physical health. Our ability to sleep is directly connected to the transition between day and night. Our circadian rhythm is crucial to how we stay healthy.

We know that when we disrupt our sleep, it can put us into a short-term tailspin. We fail to get into a cycle that takes us to deeper, more reparative and healing levels of sleep. We have seen this in countless studies, including this one:

Now, one night every 6 months will not screw us up for life. But the larger impact is demonstrated over time with other compounding factors, like how we prepare for a good night’s sleep (called sleep hygiene), and how our medical conditions or medications affect our ability to engage the best sleep possible.

At Lyons Creek, we’re in the sleep medicine business more than people would think. Dentistry is so closely connected to your airway as well as these other factors, that Dr Bob and I decided to examine and treat sleep hygiene and sleep breathing over 12 years ago.

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