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Why Do Crest Toothpastes Contain Unsafe Polyethylene Plastic Particles?

We’re discontinuing Crest toothpaste products in our practice, and recommending that our patients consider an alternative to the Crest line.

With the recent public presentation of polyethylene particles in Crest toothpastes, we conducted our own study of the product information and ingredients in Crest products. We feel that polyethylene is an unsafe and unnecessary ingredient for our patients, and our environment. There are countless ecological and physiological consequences of increased concentrations of plastic particles. Promoting these Crest products would not be in the best interest of our patients’ health, or in the best interests of promoting a healthy planet.

Update From Crest Toothpastes’ Manufacturer:

This morning, our local Procter and Gamble representative, Mark Hegeberg, relayed Procter and Gamble’s most recent decision regarding Crest products with plastic beads:

“P&G is discontinuing our limited use of microplastic beads in personal care products and PE specks in toothpastes as soon as alternatives are qualified. In addition, we have decided not to introduce microplastic beads into any new product category. “