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Is Flossing Even Effective?

Tuesday, August 2nd
This used to be a debate that swirled around bathroom sinks and dental offices for decades. But in a recent article published on AP’s site The Big Story (1), a look to the past has apparently started pushing the debate toward a resolution of sorts. Because you, dear reader, are always looking to us for sound wisdom and advice, I’d be honored to oblige. As the article mentions, floss has limited benefits.  It’s hard to hold, tough to manipulate, and can’t always eliminate every bit of food and sludge on and between teeth and gums. Even when performed perfectly, it’s really difficult… [ Read More ]

I’ve Got Nothing But Love For You And Your Health

Wednesday, September 23rd
It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science or dentistry to know that people don’t want to come to the dental office for treatment. I can support that with conversations that I have every day with my patients. “I know you’re going to lecture me,” say a few. “Ready for my lashing,” says another. “I know what you’re going to tell me,” say the remainder. Some patients get right to it. “No offense, doc. This is the last place I want to be.” I get it. No one wants to be here. Yet they show up. I have some of… [ Read More ]

Which Dental Floss Is Best?

Thursday, May 22nd
The goal of all good dental health is to remove the debris as well as the BIOFILM (the dental plaque formed by bacteria). The worst stuff is Glide. It smears bacteria around. ULTRA FLOSS from Oral-B is the best, because it’s woven, picks up everything, and it can be stretched thin to fit into tight contacts. [ Read More ]