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Dental Implants Are Possible For Diabetic Patients

Thursday, March 5th
For years, implant dentists and surgeons have frowned on placing implants in diabetic patients that had poor diabetic control. But a recent study has shown that just because patients have diabetes doesn't mean they are not candidates for dental implants. In fact, when it came to the survival of dental implants in the study, there was no statistical difference between patients who had poorly controlled or well-controlled diabetes. The main reason for implant failure in diabetic patients is their relatively high risk for periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can affect the supporting tissues that anchor an implant. And without excellent control… [ Read More ]

Implant Secrets For Patients

Thursday, January 15th
Most people understand that dental implants are a way to replace missing teeth. But there are some little known facts I want to share that everybody can take advantage of when we have a tooth that has failed. Let’s set this up in terms of dispelling myths. Myth 1: It’s more expensive to place an implant for my failed tooth than a bridge or a denture. Today’s implants are less expensive than they were 10 years ago, in terms of time and money. The costs of replacing teeth with a denture may be less costly in the short term, but… [ Read More ]

The Impact Of Anti-Depressants On Bone Loss And Dental Implants

Monday, September 15th
A study released by researchers on 9/3/14 suggests that selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil, may be associated with a greater incidence of bone loss or lack of bone formation in patients who use those drugs. This, in turn, motivated researchers to evaluate the potential for dental implant failure in patients taking SSRIs. But the debate is significant. In fact, a response released on 9/5/14 regarding a comprehensive study of SSRIs and bone fracture was recently released. This statement illustrates how SSRis were not responsible for a significantly greater risk for bone loss or bone fractures in… [ Read More ]

Scientifically-Confirmed Improved Dental Implant Healing

Wednesday, August 6th
While the cosmetic and functional benefits of dental implants are numerous, the healing process has the potential to be prolonged and complicated. Once implants are placed, they can be at risk due to a period of weakness caused by the surrounding areas attempting to adapt to the foreign implant. During this period of confusion at the cellular level, the bone will actually disintegrate, or resorb, first, and then begin to heal. However, recent research published in the scientific journal Bone brings good news to doctors and patients alike. A team of researchers at New York University has confirmed that the OSSEAN surface of Intra-Lock®… [ Read More ]

Mini Dental Implants – Affordable And Immediate Results

Monday, March 3rd
Mini dental implants are gaining visibility. I have been placing these implants as a cost-effective alternative to conventional implants for YEARS. I can do same-day implant+tooth restoration for single or multiple teeth at a fraction of the cost. They also successfully stabilize loose dentures. One of our patients, Marge, approached our office because she could not keep her loose lower denture in place when she talked or ate. She was constantly suffering from sore spots where her denture would rub when it floated and shifted. Not having lower teeth for many years, Marge had suffered bone atrophy. This resulted in… [ Read More ]