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Homing In On The Link Between Periodontal Disease And Heart Disease

Wednesday, September 23rd
For years, we have suspected that certain periodontal disease bacteria can clog arteries and blood vessels. Arterial plaques have been discovered to contain bacteria from the oral cavity. Recently, researchers showed that one species of  gum disease bacteria,  P. gingivalis, has been shown to cause and accelerate formation of coronary and aortic atherosclerosis.  It is understood that coronary artery disease is an inflammatory disease. The gene that turns on an inflammatory protein was discovered after P. gingivalis was introduced to the arterial cells.   [ Read More ]

Periodontitis And Inflammatory Diseases

Monday, May 19th
Dr. Rafoth wrote the following summary of this article:  The American Journal of Cardiology and Journal of Periodontology Editors’ Consensus, Vincent E. Friedewald, et. al., 7/2009  The human organism is complex. Abnormalities of almost any of its parts or processes have profound effects on multiple other body areas, exemplified by the process of inflammation. In recent years, the immune system, once believed to be only a vital defense against infection and a promoter of healing—except in the instances of a few uncommon connective tissue disorders—is now recognized as a significant active participant in many chronic inflammatory diseases (ID), including hypertension, diabetes,… [ Read More ]

Take Tooth Infections Seriously

Thursday, February 27th
We may feel minor discomfort from tooth infections, but they should be taken seriously. Remember Andy Hallet from the TV series “Angel”? This actor died five years ago from a tooth infection that led to cardiomyopathy. 33-year-old "Angel" actor dies of heart disease Posted by Mimi on March 31, 2009 at 7:49pm in Black, White & Red Eyed: In The Headlines LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An agent for 33-year-old singer and actor Andy Hallett says the former cast member from the vampire TV series "Angel" has died of congestive heart disease. Hallett's agent Pat Brady says Hallett died Sunday at… [ Read More ]