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Are You Getting The Ideal Amount Of Sleep?

Monday, February 2nd
The National Sleep Foundation (sleepfoundation.org) released a statement regarding a comprehensive data analysis of patients, and has released  recommendations  for the ideal amount of sleep for all age groups. If you, your spouse, or your family can’t meet these sleep guidelines, give Lyons Creek Dental Care a call.  We have been practicing dental sleep medicine for over 10 years. We work in conjunction with board-certified sleep medicine specialists. We can give you the professional guidance and treatment to improve your sleep. Chris Rafoth is the owner of Lyons Creek Dental Care, providing medical dentistry, dental implants, and facial esthetics since 1998 for… [ Read More ]

Stress And Your Teeth

Monday, September 8th
In times of stress, it may be difficult to add your oral health to your list of things to remember, but is important to know how stress can affect your smile and oral health. Dr. Rafoth speaks to the effects stress can have on your teeth. Immune System Breakdown “Stress can directly cause immune system breakdown, which can be connected to deterioration in dental health,” says Dr. Rafoth. “Prolonged stress needs to be managed for your overall health.” Canker Sores “We most commonly see canker sores (apthous ulcers) emerge in times of stress.” While canker sores are generally harmless in… [ Read More ]