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Emerging Technology for Cavity Prevention

There is an emerging cavity prevention product called Curodont. It is a topical protein-based treatment for at-risk teeth. A patient asked me about it as a substitute for fluoride therapy recently, so I thought I’d share what we know so far about Curodont.

I want to make sure we’re on the same page about fluoride as a treatment option. I use it routinely for older patients that have self-care challenges and all sorts of medical and dental co-factors for tooth decay. It’s relatively cheap, and only topical. Fluoride neurotoxicity can be associated with long-term systemic exposure, such as a fluoride supplement in a public water supply, or daily ingestion of the substance. So an alternative prevention tool is justified, although it’s a relatively small risk overall.

I did some initial research into peer-reviewed trials of Curodont. As of now, there is not a deep and broad evidence base for this product. However, literature reviews in the past 12 months have recently recognized MP10 as an emerging successful therapy. I would advise you to take the Curodont treatment with a grain of salt. Although it is a replacement for fluoride therapy, it is likely that there will be a need for multiple treatments with the product over the course of 18-24 months. This is a similar trend for SDF and hydroxyapatite therapies. The upside is clear, though: it is fluoride free, and a topical treatment–not a systemic medication. The downside is that it is slightly more expensive than the leading treatments most doctors prescribe.

All of our patients understand that the choices of topical treatments are not the challenge in controlling decay. The complexity of preventing cavities lies in the constant exposure our teeth have to acidic events, and the added problem of reduced saliva output that is common in older patients and patients who have a history of medication, drug, tobacco, or alcohol use. So I create a recipe for routine follow up therapies using a multimodal approach–the topical products, debriding the areas of concern, counseling on diet, training on self-care techniques, and medical management, among other things.

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