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Four Leading Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth can happen for many reasons. In this post, Dr. Rafoth addresses the 4 main causes of tooth sensitivity he sees in his practice.

1. Diet

“Sometimes the diet we choose can make teeth sensitive. Foods and drinks that are higher in acids strip the protective layer of sludge (called the pellicle) from our teeth, exposing our teeth to more sensitivity with sweets or temperatures.”

2. Grinding and Clenching

“Tooth grinding or clenching also makes teeth sensitive, because the supporting tissues of the teeth become inflamed. Inflammation can make teeth sensitive to biting, temperatures, sweets, sours, and spicy foods.”

3. Gum Recession and Periodontal Disease

“Gum recession can make teeth sensitive when the protective tissues expose the sensitive roots. Periodontal disease also makes teeth sensitive in the presence of inflammation.”

4. Tooth Decay

“And of course,” concludes Dr. Rafoth, “Let’s not forget tooth decay.  When a decayed tooth gets sensitive, it could mean that the tooth is in real trouble, and can have a deep infection that requires more than just a simple filling.”

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, the cause may not be clear in every instance. Sometimes teeth simply need a few days to heal or recover from minor trauma such as clenching or grinding. However, if you experience persistent sensitivity, you should contact a professional.

Chris Rafoth is the owner of Lyons Creek Dental Care, providing medical dentistry, dental implants, and facial esthetics since 1998 for Shoreline and greater Seattle areas, as well as communities in King and Snohomish counties. Any questions or comments? Contact him at today!