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Latest Recommendations For Antibiotic Therapy To Prevent Joint Infections After Dental Procedure

We want our patients to be well-informed, and make educated decisions about their care, especially when it comes to the proper use of antibiotic therapy. This is a link to the 2014 article from the American Dental Association regarding recommendations for antibiotic use in patients with prosthetic joint replacement For decades, the common practice has been for dental patients to take antibiotics prior to dental care to prevent a joint infection.  There has been a concern for many years that the risks of taking the antibiotics outweigh their protective benefits for prosthetic joints. But years of clinical and laboratory data have shown that there is likely no substantial risk to most patients. The ADA has now made a clinical recommendation for patients, without immune system compromises, to refrain from using antibiotics prior to dental procedure to prevent prosthetic joint infection. We are supporting that recommendation at Lyons Creek Dental Care.

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