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The Lyons Creek Story

Not in a million years would I have thought I would be writing to you about where things have ended up for us. But, hey, the lottery exists for a reason, right? So here’s the scoop.

in January 2017, I was recovering from a near-deadly battle with meningitis. I had already resigned myself to selling Cascadia Dentistry in Stanwood because of a head-on collision that left me with a daily rerun of shoulder pain and loss of strength. And once I had sold the practice, I got really sick.

I was recovering for several months. And I happened to get a call from a local dental supply representative. “Are you able to work yet?” she asked. “Depends,” I replied. I wasn’t too crazy abotu getting back to the same intensity of work that I had created for myself, and was thinking about dialing my career way back, but buying a dental practice that would allow me to hire an associate to do the heavy lifting. “Depends on who wants to know.”

“Well, I have a doctor on Ballinger Way in Shoreline who is having a medical issue, and needs someone to help out.”

“Ballinger Way? Not Feasel…?”

“Uh, yeah, Dr. Bob.”

I never hesitated to call him. I had been doing better with my shoulder rehab, and I was not a fan of the options I had for buying another practice. Bob and I talked about how a blood clot in his leg had sidelined him, and  he was going to recover, but this might be a good time to shift into a lesser gear, because he had a additional challenge with an essential tremor in his hands. So we agreed to have me work with the patients for a while and see how we all fit together.

We decided after a year that we were a good match in terms of treatment philosophies, as well as how I related to his patients.  And I loved the team at the office. BOb wants to work for a few more years, So we started getting the finer points written for a purchase and sale.

Bob and I thought a name change would be a good move for the transition. I was trying to figure out how to position ourselves more effectively in the public eye, how to make a search for a dentist more sensible when patients went to the Internet. Do we call it Ballinger Dentistry? Shoreline Dental? Nothing sounded great.

So I woke up a couple of weeks ago and realized all the history that Bob and I have had. Our connection was strengthened by Jeanne during and after her life. And that very morning, I happen to scout the Google Maps of Bob’s office location, and I see Lyons Creek running right alongside, through the neighborhood.

It was a no-brainer after that. Jeanne has always been a part of our mutual lives in dentistry, and continues to be an inspiration as we have shared our connections to friends, family, and teams over the years. Bob and I decided the practice would become Lyons Creek Dental Care.