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Ozone Treatment: Is it Effective?

In efforts to reduce the use of antibiotics and  synthetic antiseptics, ozone has been used by clinicians as an effective treatment for disinfection of a tooth cavity, an extraction socket,  and soft tissue incisions.

I found in my experience over the years that lasers have done extremely well to disinfect and prevent post-operative or secondary infections.  They also reduce the secondary formation of cystic or scar-like lesions in surgical sites. I also use lasers to remove or debride lesions when patients are interested in removing the “cavitation” type issues they are concerned about.

Diode, Co2, and crystal-supported lasers all seem to do quite well in getting the job done. Ozone has a solid place in the toolbox, but the equipment is quite costly. Lasers are becoming less xpensive as time goes on.

A small bit of evidence can be found here:

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