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The Bioclear Method

I attended a learning session last month for a new technique called the Bioclear Method that benefits every dental patient. I’d heard the excitement building about this for a few years, but I am always resolute in waiting for evidence-based success to surface in this industry; technology has been moving so fast in dentistry over the past 10 years, that it’s not surprising for us dentists to get convinced about something we may see or hear in the trades, and it doesn’t stand the test of time, or the technology changes too quickly. Sometimes these new things become obsolete in a hurry.

The Bioclear Method ( is a technique developed by Dr. David Clark in Tacoma. The upshot is that his science and application of an injection-molding technique for composite resins had been perfected, and could be applied to any patient with a functional, structural, or esthetic challenge in their teeth. When I heard that dental schools were adopting his method last year, I found literature to support what those schools understood.
If filling materials can be wielded in a way to reduce sensitivity, create a biologic seal, and improve the structural integrity and longevity of a tooth and the restoration, as well as make the teeth look great, then this was as close to a revolution if I’d ever seen one. There was literally nothing about the Bioclear Method that didn’t hold water, including the long-range outcomes on countless patients.

Biologic dentistry is something I am committed to every day. I’m interested in doing minimally invasive care for teeth to maintain or even improve the stability and function of teeth. And using the Bioclear Method enhances my philosophy. I can lengthen the life cycle of a tooth that needs repair. I can make them look amazing, and I can create a result that doesn’t have to be replaced as often for patients.

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