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Your Slimy Drool Has VALUE!


You remember the last time you had a real Coke or Pepsi?  You sipped it, swished it around a little to enjoy the fizzy feel. Chugged a couple more gulps. And then you noticed your teeth felt different. They’re not slick anymore. Maybe rough to your tongue. Or even a strangely dry feeling.

That, my friends, is the power of soda acid.  It strips the protective, mucousy sludge off your teeth.  You heard me. Protective. Your slimy drool has VALUE!

We know that people who suffer dry mouth disorder or have chronic soda or sports drink habits, or eat lots of citrus fruits or drinks tend to have a greater risk for tooth decay. And that’s because the protective mucous that our mouths produce isn’t available for those particularly at-risk patients.

Researchers have been looking for a way to simulate or reproduce this protective slime, and it’s apparent that we are closing in on something beneficial. Check out this article:

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