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Pros And Cons: Wisdom Teeth

Tuesday, June 23rd
Dr. Rafoth lays out the pros and cons for getting rid of your 3rd molars, also known as wisdom teeth. Chris Rafoth is the owner of Lyons Creek Dental Care, providing medical dentistry, dental implants, and facial esthetics since 1998 for Shoreline and greater Seattle areas, as well as communities in King and Snohomish counties. Any questions or comments? Contact him at chris@lyonscreekdentalcare.com today! [ Read More ]

Four Leading Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity

Wednesday, September 10th
Sensitive teeth can happen for many reasons. In this post, Dr. Rafoth addresses the 4 main causes of tooth sensitivity he sees in his practice. 1. Diet “Sometimes the diet we choose can make teeth sensitive. Foods and drinks that are higher in acids strip the protective layer of sludge (called the pellicle) from our teeth, exposing our teeth to more sensitivity with sweets or temperatures.” 2. Grinding and Clenching “Tooth grinding or clenching also makes teeth sensitive, because the supporting tissues of the teeth become inflamed. Inflammation can make teeth sensitive to biting, temperatures, sweets, sours, and spicy foods.”… [ Read More ]

Dental Decay In Children “Hits Epidemic Proportions”

Thursday, June 5th
A recent local news report on King5.com’s Healthlink, illustrates how serious the problem of dental decay is in children. It also shows a simple strategy for parents to reduce the risk of tooth decay in their kids: “Tooth decay is largely preventable, but it remains one of the most common diseases of childhood — five times as common as asthma, and seven times as common as hay fever, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC says 42% of children ages 2 to 11 have had cavities in baby teeth; 21% of those ages 6 to 11 have… [ Read More ]

Seriously? Hi-Tech Tooth Extraction By Drone

Tuesday, April 1st
Enjoy the following YouTube video showing how a drone takes out a loose tooth. Entertaining? Yes! Serious? No! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CkAo24N976Q [ Read More ]

Are Root Canals A Threat To Your Health?

Monday, March 17th
A patient recently asked me about an article they read which described the potential health risks of root canals. The article contends that root canals are the source of serious threats to your health. You can find the article here: http://humansarefree.com/2014/02/shocking-connection-97-of-all-terminal.html I would say that quackery is a sound description of the article. We’ll break down some of the high points of Mr. Mercola’s advice to the free world. But let’s go “big picture” for a minute. There are two goals in performing root canal therapy for patients. 1) eliminate the bacterial infection in a tooth in order to 2) maintain… [ Read More ]

Mini Dental Implants – Affordable And Immediate Results

Monday, March 3rd
Mini dental implants are gaining visibility. I have been placing these implants as a cost-effective alternative to conventional implants for YEARS. I can do same-day implant+tooth restoration for single or multiple teeth at a fraction of the cost. They also successfully stabilize loose dentures. One of our patients, Marge, approached our office because she could not keep her loose lower denture in place when she talked or ate. She was constantly suffering from sore spots where her denture would rub when it floated and shifted. Not having lower teeth for many years, Marge had suffered bone atrophy. This resulted in… [ Read More ]

Take Tooth Infections Seriously

Thursday, February 27th
We may feel minor discomfort from tooth infections, but they should be taken seriously. Remember Andy Hallet from the TV series “Angel”? This actor died five years ago from a tooth infection that led to cardiomyopathy. 33-year-old "Angel" actor dies of heart disease Posted by Mimi on March 31, 2009 at 7:49pm in Black, White & Red Eyed: In The Headlines LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An agent for 33-year-old singer and actor Andy Hallett says the former cast member from the vampire TV series "Angel" has died of congestive heart disease. Hallett's agent Pat Brady says Hallett died Sunday at… [ Read More ]