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What Is Biologic Dentistry, Anyway?

Wednesday, February 10th
So you know we practice holistic dentistry. The most widely used definition by patients is "dentistry that doesn't apply or employ materials or techniques that include mercury and other elements that can challenge overall health and wellness." Holistic dentistry is that and a lot more. Holistic dentistry is integrative; it incorporates your medical conditions, social, psychological, and physical health when planning and providing your care. Is biologic dentistry the same thing? Yes. And more. Biologic dentistry is a style of practice that is holistic. These are my four key tenets of biologic dentistry: 1) Prevent loss of function and structure before, during, and after dentofacial… [ Read More ]

Let’s Fact Check Clear Aligners

Wednesday, February 10th
There's lots of choices in the marketplace for straightening your teeth--Smile Direct, Uniform Teeth, Byte, etc. There's surely more to come. They certainly have cheaper pricing than the reliable guidance from your dentist or orthodontist. Personally, I love the clear aligner method for orthodontics. It has some clear advantages over traditional bracket-and-wire techniques. Your daily hygiene routines are easier to follow; flossing and brushing are just as easy as always, and your smile stays food-free. Abrasions of the lips and cheeks are not as common with clear aligner treatment--no need for smushing balls of wax on teeth to guard against canker sores. And the… [ Read More ]


Wednesday, January 27th
Our team is underway with the vaccination process. And we will continue masking, distancing, disinfection, and aerosol controls, as well as our "virtual lobby" check in protocols. We will now be inquiring about your vaccine status when you arrive for your visits. Take a look at the recent COVID-19 updates from our trusted partners at Medscape: https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/944321?src=mkm_covid_update_210126_MSCPEDIT&uac=190545DT&impID=3154953&faf=1#vp_2 In the spirit of community, we continue to wish you the best of safety and health. I feel we are truly making progress curbing the pandemic. [ Read More ]


Thursday, January 7th
The patients that I interview here at LCDC have mixed feelings about receiving the available coronavirus vaccine. Their opinions span the spectrum, from exuberantly positive to fearfully negative. I was wondering if the lack of continuity in communicating the facts about vaccination, coupled with the rise of anti-vaccine sentiment from years past has combined to create such a broad number of differing opinions. There is no question vaccines help prevent pandemics; the history books have already chronicled the successes. But if questions still exist about the utility and success of a vaccine for COVID-19, maybe a bit more information from a trusted source like the University… [ Read More ]

More Safety Protocols Added This Week At Lyons Creek

Tuesday, November 24th
We are getting closer to a resolution of the pandemic. But until the disaster truly comes to an end, we wanted to introduce another element of safety for you and our dental family here at Lyons Creek. The surge in total infected cases has been climbing steeply in the past week or two, so we wanted to provide an additional layer of protection with hypochlorous fogging of the clinic during non-patient care sessions. What is hypochlorous acid? Essentially it's water and salt. Your body manufactures it to protect against microbes. It's non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and 100% biodegradable. Evidence shows that creating a… [ Read More ]

Peroxide for the mouth: Yes or No?

Wednesday, November 4th
Our patient Nancy sent me a question today. https://medium.com/a-microbiome-scientist-at-large/why-you-should-ditch-hydrogen-peroxide-for-first-aid-2929794e732d: I use a 50/50 rinse daily of H202 with water.  Do you have any thoughts after reading this article that it may hurt gum tissue?  My checkups though are always good.  No gum bleeding etc. Peroxide has been a go-to for feeling a cleaner mouth for decades. It really doesn't penetrate well into gum tissue wounds that are deeper than your floss can go. So it doesn't disrupt the fragile tissue cells that are forming in the deeper wounds. It's biggest benefit is cleansing the surface debris and bacteria on your… [ Read More ]

FDA Update for Mercury-Containing Dental Fillings

Monday, September 28th
Last week, the FDA updated its recommendations for dental amalgam materials that contain mercury. The upshot is that the administration is recognizing increased risk for patients who have those types of fillings in their teeth.  The link to the story is here: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/fda-issues-recommendations-certain-high-risk-groups-regarding-mercury-containing-dental-amalgam Call us today at 206.362.5400 to discuss how we safely remove dental amalgams. [ Read More ]

Masks Really Help Us and Each Other

Wednesday, June 17th
The evidence is mounting that routinely using a mask in the absence of any other proven medications, vaccines, or health orders is paying off in a positive way. Literally, any type of mask is blocking a significant transmission of pathogens. Wearing a mask is reducing the risk of transmitting pathogens to others. Keep up the commitment, everybody! https://www.today.com/video/why-wearing-a-mask-actually-works-85137989767 [ Read More ]

Finding Our Way Through The Pandemic Using Evidence-Based Care

Wednesday, June 10th
What a crazy ride we're on. I am battling through what I can only describe as "uncertainty exhaustion." There have been very few times in the past 3 months that I've had all the energy and optimism to heal the world and solve any crisis from my couch. At other times I feel I am drowning in negativity and criticism of any news or research that may aid us in our journey to a healthier, more caring community. In the meantime, I have flashes of strength to continue the due diligence on emerging research. Testing, therapy, and prevention protocols are… [ Read More ]

Returning to Work

Tuesday, May 19th
We are so excited to return to work at Lyons Creek and keep you at your healthiest! You are the reason we love what we do. It’s time to continue our relationship with you, and at this moment, we are doing it in a way that raises your level of safety in our practice while reducing the risk of acquiring infectious disease for all of us. Governor Inslee and the experts in Washington State have set a great example for how our community reduces our chances of getting sick when we want to pursue our healthcare needs. We have built… [ Read More ]